How Much Damage Can Termites Actually Do?

When you think about potential threats to your home, what are you most concerned about? Does a natural disaster come to mind? What about a house fire? Maybe you are here today because termites are on your mind but you aren’t sure what kind of threat they pose. If that is why you are here, stick around because today that’s just what we are talking about.

What Termite Damage Looks Like

How Expensive Is It To Fix Termite Damage?

To put this into perspective, consider this statistic. In the United States each year, home and business owners spend out over 5 billion dollars because of termites. That’s a lot of chewed wood. As for how much it would cost to fix termite damage in your own home, it depends on a few factors. How long have termites been eating away at your home? Is their colony fully mature? Have you taken any preventative measures over the years to stops them? All of these play a part and help to decide if your home needs a few hundred dollars, a few thousand, or several hundred thousand to fix.

Why DIY Termite Prevention Will Always Fail

It is hard enough trying to get pests such as flies or ants out of your home, imagine how hard it is to deal with termites–because of how they invade. There is no way to directly treat for them without the proper tools, and even if you are sure the DIY methods you found will work, how will you know for certain without being able to see inside the wood of your home? If you are looking for a way to get and keep termites out of your home, what you need is professional termite control.

Professional Termite Control

Here at Resolution Pest, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to get and keep your home termite-free. To schedule an inspection, give us a call today. We will send a pest expert your way ASAP with a solution built to fit your individual needs!

Customer Review

We recently had a carpenter bee problem and when I reached out, they were able to make an appointment around my schedule. In one application, the bees are gone and we are using our front porch again! While there, they took the initiative to check the rest of the house for any additional problems. Will definitely use again!

Bryn C

They did a termite treatment for us where we had significant activity and damage. They did the treatment last year for us and haven’t seen anything since then. They also referred us to a carpenter that did the repair work which turned out good. We have since started using their quarterly pest service as well.

Joe W

I had the absolute pleasure of having John, with Resolution Pest come to my home and not only rectify the issue I was having with some unwanted rodent but he was quick and efficient and I would and will absolutely recommend him and his company to friends and family in the future!!

Robert W

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